Ornament Keepsakes by R. Peden

Ornament keepsakes of Historic Vienna properties made by Rachael A. Peden in Farnham Virginia are sold exclusively in the gift shop of the Freeman Store & Museum. Each wooden ornament is hand cut and hand painted. Beginning in 1997, and nearly every year since, each structure was carefully selected to become a Peden ornament and, to date, a small village has been assembled representing our mission to preserve and promote Vienna’s history through a knowledge of its past.

Here is a list of all the Peden ornaments we offer, including a photo of each.
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1997 Little Library, 1897
1998 Freeman House, 1859
1999 Vienna Presbyterian Church, 1874
2000 Caboose, 1990
2001 Train Depot, 1861
2002 Vienna Inn, 1925
2003 Vienna Elementary School, 1923
2004 First Baptist Church, 1867
2008 Louise Archer Elementary School, 1939
2009 Bowman House, 1890
2010 Bouton’s Hall, 1894
2011 Town Hall, 1890
2012 Fire Engine, 1946
2013 Santa Claus
2014 Once Upon A Time, 1984
2015 Worthington’s & The Full Cry Shop, 1958 &
Volunteer Fire Department, 1930 (2-sided)
2016 Vienna Arts Center, 1938
2017 Green Hedges School
2018 Vienna National Bank, 1923

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Ornament Description

Bouton’s Hall

Bowman House


Fire Engine

First Baptist Church

Freeman Store & Museum

Green Hedges School

Little Library

Louise Archer Elementary School

Once Upon A Time

Santa Claus

Town Hall

Train Depot

Vienna Arts Center

Vienna Elementary School

Vienna Inn

Vienna National Bank

The Vienna National Bank ornament is the newest in our series. This handsome brick building with white columns and beautiful medallions was Vienna’s first bank. It was built in 1923 and sits at the corner of Church Street and Dominion Rd.

Vienna Presbyterian Church

Worthington’s & The Full Cry Shop with Volunteer Fire Department (2-sided)