Our Oertel painting been successfully restored!

Johannes Adam Simon Oertel’s painting “The Raid” is an important piece of art in the Freeman Store and Museum’s collection.  It has recently been professionally restored to its former glory!

We are seeking donations to help offset the cost for the excellent restoration of this fine work of art.  Please call the Freeman Store at (703) 938-5187 if you are interested in making a tax exempt donation to this effort.

Photograph of “The Raid” painting by Johannes Oertel pre-restoration:

The Raid by Oertel


Historic Vienna’s Oral History Project Website and Exhibit!

Historic Vienna, Inc. (HVI) has been fortunate to reap the benefits of hard work by two interns in the summer of 2013 and the results are most excellent!  We are also continuing the Oral History Project this summer and have made great progress already.

The Historic Vienna Oral History Project is now open at the Freeman Store! We also have created an extensive online blog.

This website contains detailed interviews of many who experienced the history of our town as it developed over the years.  Undergraduate Caroline Gardiner and grad student Virginia Harness, who are attending the University of Virginia, have worked many hours in order to capture and preserve the interviewees individual, unique and special memories of their own lives and the Town of Vienna.

There are probably few families who do not have some regret that they did not ask their older members to identify faces in photographs or to tell the story of how they came to move from another country or region or where that unusual family name originated.  As within a family, it is these interwoven details which make our community what it is – how people decided to move here, what unlikely event propelled the choice of a career or an avocation that impacted neighbors or created a sports team or led to the planting of a garden enjoyed by all.

The long term plan is for the number of interviews to expand over time with the additional work of  HVI volunteers who will be trained in the protocol and will continue to collect and appropriately archive these pieces of local history.  We have been encouraging our members and fellow citizens to make suggestions of persons (of any age!) who would make interesting interview subjects.  Please continue to do so at (703) 938-5187 to leave a message for Caroline or Virginia, or email them at hvioralhistory@gmail.com.

In addition to the interviews described above, Caroline and Virginia are also looking for photographs of Vienna, taken at any time during the 20th Century. All photos will be scanned and returned.

We are particularly interested in photographs of buildings, homes, and street scenes which no longer exist or are substantially altered. Examples would include the old Southern States (now Noodles, Chipotle, etc.), the movie theater/bike shop, Hawthorne’s Drug Store/Starbucks, or Peter Pan/Panera. Vienna has seen tremendous change over the years and more change is on the horizon–help us preserve a record of what was and the progression of change in our town!