Summer Activities on the Green and at the Freeman Store

Visitors to the Town Green, located between Maple Avenue and the rear of the Freeman Store, are reminded that the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  When you run in to buy a soda or some candy, please take the time to appreciate that you are stepping back into another era, where an actual Storekeeper reaches into a glass display jar to pull out a candy stick or a jawbreaker, where you can explain to a child how a crank-operated, wall-mounted telephone works and where a family really did “live above the store.”  Our “Roads To Rails To Trails:” exhibit continues through the summer months, as does a mini-exhibit on the War of 1812 and our Museum Rooms offer a look into the past with period decorations and displays.

The concert schedule for the Town Green offers something for everyone – blues, military bands and choruses, jazz, country, bluegrass, rock.  Starting times are usually 6:30, music lovers are encouraged to bring chairs or blankets (but no alcohol and pets are discouraged).  A full schedule of concerts is available on the Town website.

Free Town Wi-Fi Internet Connection at the Town Green

The Town of Vienna is providing free wireless Internet access at the Town Green located at Maple and Mill Streets, NE. This is a pilot project. The goals of the Town’s Wi-Fi pilot project are to attract more customers to the downtown Vienna business area, encourage the use of this public park, and enable more citizens to access Town services online. Users are responsible to take measures to secure their devices and Internet communications.

Users can log-in using Vienna Government Sponsored Free WiFi for the SSID. SSID stands for “Service Set Identifier” and is a unique ID for naming a wireless network. All wireless devices attempting to communicate with each other must share the same SSID.

If you have questions or comments about the Town Green Free WiFi, you can contact our I.T. Administrator:

Craig Griffin
Phone: (703) 255-6364.