Spring Membership Meeting: The W&OD Railroad’s Civil War History

Time: 7:00 PM
Date: Thursday, March 28
Location: Dyer-Gunnell American Legion Post 180

The Spring Membership Meeting of Historic Vienna, Inc. will be held on Thursday, March 28, at 7 PM at the Dyer-Gunnell American Legion Post 180 (330 Center Street North, Vienna).  Following a brief business meeting and announcements, the Speaker for the evening will be local historian and reenactor Jon Vrana.  The Social Hall entrance is on the second floor.  Please drive around the building and park at the upper level.

Mr. Vrana is currently President of the Burke Historical Society, Board Member of the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum, and has served on the Fairfax County Sesquicentennial Committee.  He has vast experience as a living history civilian and military reenactor and has appeared as Senator Justin Morrill, Capt. Samuel Means, Henry Thomas Harrison and Col. Silas Burke.

At the HVI Membership Meeting, Mr. Vrana will discuss the history of the Alexandria, Loudoun & Hampshire Railroad and others which ran through Vienna from 1855 to 1968.  The exhibit “Roads to Rails to Trails” is currently open in the Freeman Store exhibit room and includes photographs, drawings, maps, artifacts, replicas and displays, illustrating the evolution through the years to what we now know as the W & OD Trail, a Northern Virginia Park Authority property enjoyed by 2 million visitors each year.  If you have ever walked, jogged or biked on the W & OD or if you are a lover of trains, Mr. Vrana’s lecture and the exhibit will be of interest and we encourage you to attend.

HVI’s Membership Meetings are free and open to the public.  Refreshments will be served.

Please call (703) 994-9054 for more information!

A Snapshot Of 1897: Farms and Village Homes in Fairfax County

The following text is an extract from a pamphlet entitled “Farms and Village Homes in Fairfax County,” Published in January 1897 by O.E. Hine.


Vienna is a regularly laid out village of four hundred inhabitants, situated on the Washington & Ohio railroad, fifteen miles north from Alexandria, and about the same distance west from Washington.  Is near the centre of the county on one of the most public roads leading to the city.  It is incorporated under a most liberal charter, governed by nine councilmen, three of whom are elected annually by the people.  Already a comprehensive system of improvements has been inaugurated, and from present indications is designed to improve into a beautiful village, and a considerable business and manufacturing centre.

Already it has a planing mill, two grist mills and two saw mills, two lime kilns, shoe and harness shop, meat market, stores, blacksmith and wagon shops, canning factory, &tc., &tc.  White and colored schools are maintained here; the white a first-class graded school.  It is connected with the county seat five miles distant by a stage twice a day; with Washington by four trains each way, and with the whole world by telegraph and an electric road has been chartered to this place.  Is the centre of a fine dairy region, settled most entirely by northern farmers, many of whom are engaged in sending milk to the city.  Over five hundred gallons are sent daily from this neighborhood, averaging the farmer at his door 7 ½ to 10 cents per gallon in summer and from 12 to 14 in winter.

Recently one hundred acres of high rolling land adjoining the station has been handsomely laid out in building lots, streets graded, sidewalks laid, and shade trees planted, making one of the most attractive subdivisions near the city.  These lots average of $100 each to persons contemplating building, but none are offered to speculators who do not intend to build.  A handsome map will be furnished on application.

Lots in Vienna

2 Acres.  Seven room house in good condition; well at door, young orchard of peaches, apples and cherries, excellent garden land, stable and hen house.  Situated one mile from station.  Price $2,000.


Farms and Village Homes Jan 1897 O.E. Hine Vienna VA


Vienna’s Oldest Tree Contest Finalists 1999

This is an interesting list of the oldest trees in our town from a contest in 1999.  You will need to add 14 years to the dates below to make the age of the tree current for 2013.  Are these trees still standing?  How many other trees are in our town that are over 200 years old?

Vienna’s Oldest Tree Contest – FINALISTS – 1999

Location                                            Species                        Diameter                    Est. Age

Rick German                                       White Oak                   63.69”                         318 years

802 Margorie Lane, SE                       front yard

Debbie Sanner                                     White Oak                   54.14”                         271 years?

803 Park Street, SE                             (double trunk)

                                                                    beside house

Thomas Esterrich                             Pignut Hickory                 41.4”                           290 years?

121 Carter Ct. SW                              (double trunk)

Mrs. Lyons                                          White Oak                   51.91”                         260 years?

602 Upham Place NW                      (multiple stems)

                                                               Front yard

Bill Shields                                          White Oak                   51.27”                         256 years

311 Valeview Ct. NW                        back yard

George Haber                                      White Oak                   50”                              250 years

441 Glyndon St. NE                               White Oak                   49.86”                         249 years

                                                                  Back yard

Florence Roseborough                  White Oak                   49.36”                         247 years

117 Courthouse Rd. SW                121 Courthouse

                                                                Town R.O.W.

Meadow Lane Park                             White Oak                   49”                              245 years

Courthouse and Ware St. SW         Right Field

                                                                Line Corner

Mary Helen Tucker                             White Oak                   47.45”                         237 years

432 Druid Hill Road NE                    front yard

Herb Lewis                                         White Oak                   47.13”                         236 years

Navy Federal Credit Union          First Entrance

                                                                 Volleyball courts

Tom Dressler                                       Copper Beech             49.36”                         222 years?

234 Lawyers Rd.

Sam & Nazzi Weldy                              White Oak                   45.22”                         226 years

111 East Street NE                             Townhouse

                                                               back yard