Used Book Cellar

NOTE:  We accept donations year-round and they can be left on our front porch in boxes or bags during January & February when we are closed.  Please email us if you drop off  2+ boxes so we can be sure to bring them inside in a timely manner.   Email

Looking for a quality used book selection at affordable prices? Shop our Used Book Cellar located in the basement of the Freeman Store & Museum (open Wed-Sun 12-4pm).
We have a large variety of:  fiction, biography & memoir, history, classics, cooking, travel, art, gardening and a large collection of children’s books for all young ages.

Our prices range mostly from $1 to $3 with some items a little bit more.  Book dealers are welcome to come in and shop – please contact us via email ( to schedule an appointment.

If you’re looking for something in particular, please stop in.  We just might have exactly what you’re searching for!

We welcome your book donations with a few exceptions.


Please NO:


Bibles & Religious workbooks

Business & Management




Romance Novels

Games & Toys

VHS, Cassettes, CD & DVD

  • We prefer donations Monday thru Friday.
  • Please bring donations inside the Freeman Store at 131 Church St. NE during open store hours (open Wed-Sun 12-4pm) or left on our front porch when we are closed.
  • Donations must be boxed or in sturdy bags. Please avoid packing heavy boxes!
  • If you have more than 3 boxes email us at to schedule a drop off.

Receipts for tax purposes available upon request.

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