Vienna’s Oldest Tree Contest Finalists 1999

This is an interesting list of the oldest trees in our town from a contest in 1999.  You will need to add 14 years to the dates below to make the age of the tree current for 2013.  Are these trees still standing?  How many other trees are in our town that are over 200 years old?

Vienna’s Oldest Tree Contest – FINALISTS – 1999

Location                                            Species                        Diameter                    Est. Age

Rick German                                       White Oak                   63.69”                         318 years

802 Margorie Lane, SE                       front yard

Debbie Sanner                                     White Oak                   54.14”                         271 years?

803 Park Street, SE                             (double trunk)

                                                                    beside house

Thomas Esterrich                             Pignut Hickory                 41.4”                           290 years?

121 Carter Ct. SW                              (double trunk)

Mrs. Lyons                                          White Oak                   51.91”                         260 years?

602 Upham Place NW                      (multiple stems)

                                                               Front yard

Bill Shields                                          White Oak                   51.27”                         256 years

311 Valeview Ct. NW                        back yard

George Haber                                      White Oak                   50”                              250 years

441 Glyndon St. NE                               White Oak                   49.86”                         249 years

                                                                  Back yard

Florence Roseborough                  White Oak                   49.36”                         247 years

117 Courthouse Rd. SW                121 Courthouse

                                                                Town R.O.W.

Meadow Lane Park                             White Oak                   49”                              245 years

Courthouse and Ware St. SW         Right Field

                                                                Line Corner

Mary Helen Tucker                             White Oak                   47.45”                         237 years

432 Druid Hill Road NE                    front yard

Herb Lewis                                         White Oak                   47.13”                         236 years

Navy Federal Credit Union          First Entrance

                                                                 Volleyball courts

Tom Dressler                                       Copper Beech             49.36”                         222 years?

234 Lawyers Rd.

Sam & Nazzi Weldy                              White Oak                   45.22”                         226 years

111 East Street NE                             Townhouse

                                                               back yard