Covid Impressions

Covid Impressions

The Oral History Committee of Historic Vienna, Inc. has a mission to gather and preserve Vienna’s history – both past and present. We would like to document how Vienna residents and businesses have been affected by, coped with, and reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

You can participate in this endeavor by submitting a short description, a photograph, a piece of art, or a poem depicting what you think is important to be remembered about this unprecedented time in history. This can be submitted anonymously if desired. Together the reflections we gather will capture a variety of our Vienna residents’ experiences. We will share them on our website and preserve them in our archives. 

Please send your submission to There is a  release form  that you will need to download and sign and send along with your story. Please sign your name on the release form.  If  you prefer to be anonymous on our website, you will still need to sign the release form and also provide a general description of yourself to use instead of your name, such as Local Business Owner, Retired Vienna Resident, High School Student, Mother  – whatever best describes you for your story. 

Thank you so much for your participation and helping us fulfill our mission to the community. 

So many aspects of our lives have been and are still impacted. Below are some topics that may help you choose a story you want to tell. 

Essential worker experiences     Travel    Town Government     Family Life   Unemployment    Food    Supplies  Gatherings and Celebrations    Vienna Community Support   Parks and Recreation   Friendships/Relationships    Fear – Isolation – Masks   Pets   Graduates and Graduations  Any positives?   Virtual School    Social Media Sites  Local Business Survival   Vaccine    Covid In Your Family?       Impact on Vienna Sports     Students and Teachers    Daily Life Adjustments  Working From Home   Hardest Adjustments to Endure    What Is Next?

Learn how Vienna restaurants, businesses, organizations, parents, residents, schools & students navigated through the pandemic.  What they did and what they learned. 

Vienna's Reaction to Covid Pandemic


Covid-19 Experience Archive

We have completed our 2020 Covid-19 survey and would like to thank everyone who participated.  Please click to view the presentation of the results or the full report.  It is so important for HVI to accurately capture this point in time for future reflection.    

Covid Announcement Flyer