Heritage Preservation Award Program

The Historic Vienna, Inc. Heritage Preservation Award Program recognizes individual and institutional efforts in preserving Vienna’s heritage.  
Awards have been presented to:

March 2023: The Town of Vienna for its role in the Liberty Amendments month-long celebration.

Recipients: Town of Vienna (Mayor Linda Colbert); Mercury Peyton, Vienna Town Manager; Chuck Anderson, Vienna Town Council; Leslie Herman, Director Town of Vienna Parks and Recreation; Lily Widman, Special Events Coordinator.

The Town of Vienna initiated Liberty Amendments Month in 2021 after Juneteenth was declared a state holiday.  Town Manager Mercury Payton wanted to bring the Vienna community together to foster mutual respect and understanding and to celebrate the Constitutional Amendments that give all citizens a say in how they are governed, regardless of their culture or station in life.  The month commemorates the passage of the 13th, 14th, 15th and 19th Amendments, which granted full rights to citizens who were previously excluded from the U.S. Constitution.  

Numerous Town employees, organizations, non-profits, citizens, churches, businesses and families are responsible for creating this fascinating month-long celebration in which 22,000 people attended and more than 65 educational & commemorative events were offered in the inaugural celebration from Juneteenth to Liberty Amendments Day, a Town holiday.

Click here to learn more about the Liberty Amendments Month annual event in Vienna.



March 2022: Chris Barbuschak & Suzanne LaPierre, Virginia Room Archivists and Librarians of the Fairfax County Public Library for their research on The History of Integrating Segregated Public Libraries in Northern Virginia.  Click here for their report.   


The Vienna Vintner and Victor Mendes for restoring the Old Stone House located in Vienna at 320 Maple Ave. E


Marie Kisner, former Information Officer the Town of Vienna, for publication of Vienna Stories – 1950 to 2000



Knights of Columbus, original First Baptist building

Dorothy McDiarmid,  funding for Moorefield

Connie and Mayo Stuntz

Concord Lodge, Bouton’s Hall

Daphne Sloan, History Committee of Town Centennial

Ayr Hill and Five Hills Garden Clubs

Town of Vienna, commitment to History and preservation

Richard deAngelis for scholarship, Windover Heights Historic District

Pauline Lorfano

Tommy Staats, Once Upon A Time

Vienna Volunteer Fire Department

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCanna II, Lynn Street Cemetery

Sylvia B. Taylor for scholarship, Louise Archer and Louise Archer Elementary School

Patrick Henry Library

Northern Virginia Model Railroaders

Optimist Club and Richard Ordeman

Louise Archer School

T.R. Cook

Suzanne Levy

Ted Thomas