Suffrage Exhibits

To honor the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment Historic Vienna, Inc. has presented a series of 5 exhibits on the Women’s Rights Movement. Annual exhibits related to the women’s rights movement continue at the Freeman Store through 2020, which marks the 100th anniversary of adoption of the Constitutional amendment allowing women to vote. Note: the final exhibit will remain in place through 2021, due to the pandemic.

Getting the Vote: the Women’s Rights Movement video presentation summarizes the information in the first three exhibits from the origins up until the right to vote was won. Click here to view the video.

Please learn more about Historic Vienna’s Women’s Suffrage exhibits by clicking on the links below.  VERY detailed information is available in these two Adobe Acrobat PDFs which include all the information displayed during our first two exhibits at the Freeman Store and Museum.

The Origins of the Women’s Rights Movement 

Exhibit 1 – 2016 

This exhibit covers the Women’s Rights Movement from it’s inception to the beginning of the Civil War.

HVI Origins of Women’s Rights Exhibit 1

Historic Vienna Inc. Women’s Rights exhibit #1

The Women’s Rights Movement in 1917

Exhibit 2 – 2017 

This exhibit covers the Women’s Rights Movement during 1917. Two different approaches were taken by suffrage leaders to win the right to vote for women: lobbying and picketing. The pickets of the White House were arrested, jailed and in November beaten by the prison guards. Together, these efforts resulted in the ratification of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote.

HVI The Women’s Rights Movement in 1917 Exhibit 2

The Women’s Rights Movement Through Cartoons

Exhibit 3 – 2018 

This exhibit covers the Women’s Rights Movement through cartoons that depict various attitudes about the movement, pro and con. The exhibit features more than 50 political cartoons and other images collected from newspapers, postcards and other publications from the 1850’s onward. The cartoons focus on the right to vote as well as other women’s rights related to parental custody, property, employment and income, divorce, economic health of the family and birth control. The images range from 1850 to 1980. 

The League of Women Voters – 99 years of Empowering Voters and Democracy

Exhibit 4 – 2019 

This exhibit covers the formation of the League of Women Voters and the programs they have created to educate and empower voters, enhancing our democracy.


The Women’s Rights Movement – Where are we Now?

Exhibit 5 – 2020/2021 

This exhibit covers where women’s rights stand now. What progress have we made, what rights have we secured and what do we need to work on. This exhibit remain installed in the Freeman Store and Museum until December 31, 2021.