Town of Vienna History

Ayr Hill Subdivision Map

As part of the 125th Anniversary of Fairfax County in 2017, Historic Vienna, Inc. President Anne Stuntz tells the story of how Vienna came to be.

History of the Town of Vienna video

Other interesting facts and videos:

Timeline of the Town of Vienna

Timeline of the Freeman Store & Museum

Freeman Store & Museum video

Vienna’s Railroad and Freeman Store (from WETA’s “If You Lived Here” series) video



Town of Vienna Tours

Our 3-block Walking Tour of Church Street is now available online!  It is often assumed that Maple Avenue has always been Vienna’s Main Street, however that honor belongs to Church Street, so named because at one point there were four churches along its full length.  Church Street was originally lined with a variety of stores and businesses, much as it is today.

Explore Church Street and learn about the many sites and businesses that came years before the Church Street that we enjoy today.  Click here to begin the tour.




Take a tour of the Historic Sites in Vienna.  This map identifies historic locations in and around the Town of Vienna.  The locations identified in their description with HR appear on the Town’s Register of Historic Sites. Those designated HL are other historic locations in the area.  The private homes on the map are not open to the public.

Click here to begin the tour.